does anyone own any of the yamaha pacifica guitars? care to share your views, thanks. they have a similar style to fender strat for shape yea but with that extra humbucker at bottom.
hey so would u say its a good guitar for rock and metal playing? thanks.
Hi...one of my friends own a Yamaha Pacifica v612 (something like that) and i love how it sounds and its very good guitar to play with... I couldn't stop playing the guitar for hours...so i recommend you this guitar!!!
I have a Pacifica 112vcx, even though I'm a beginner, I've had two friends play it (one is a pro tech, the other is in a band currently gigging around Europe's live houses) and they said it plays awesomely for the price, and that in the future with some new pickups, it would be a killer.

Also, the HSS isn't the only difference related to strat looks: it also has longer horns, smaller pickguard (doesn't cover hardware, you get access from behind) and obviously the head :P
pacificas are amazing.there worth a lot more than u pay for them.they sound good and they are a joy to play

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hey the way u guys talk there, its like u trying to say its on a higher level than fender strat, but it does sound better by what guys say yea. im quite happy with my prs custom guitar, but that pacifica caught my eye when i saw a pic of one, it was 349 uk money and blue and white color.