I've just bought an EMG 707 for my Ibanez Apex 2, with the intent of replacing it as my bridge pickup. Not knowing anything about fitting a new pickup, I gave it to my guitar teacher to have a look at, and he says that if he fits the EMG, the old pickup won't work.

He says I need to buy a preamp for my EMG, so it can function separately to the old pickup, and I was wondering if this was the only route to go down.
He did also suggest buying an identical EMG for my neck, and I've been looking at the 81-7 as a neck pickup, but he says that might not work.

Any ideas, UG, on where I can find said preamp, or whether there's a simpler way around this?


P.S. The Ibanez only has a single volume control, no tone control, and a 3-pickup selector switch.
the emg is active, the old pup is passive, it can be used, but yes, a preamp is needed.
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EMG actives have the pre-amp built in to the casing. Your problem is that it requires a 25k pot instead of the usual 500k of passive pups. So, on your guitar you can't mix active and passive. The 707 is designed as a neck pickup to work with the 81-7 but could be used at the bridge with a 607 in the neck to keep a nice balance if you want a mellow sound.
Yours should have come with a wiring diagram to show how to wire in the battery holder and special jack socket.
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you can use the pickups in the same guitar, you just can't have both going at the same time therefor you can only have a 2 way switch, not a 3 way. You'll then have to have a 25k pot and a 500k pot for each pickups volume which means you'll have to drill a hole in your guitar for another pot. Or you could get the preamp for the other passive pickup so that they both work together
The pre amp is inbuilt you dont need one to make EMGs work.

Basically the EMG 7 strings are bigger than any passive 7 string pup and so you will have to route out the guitar to fit it.

If you are going to fit one, I would fit two, I cant imagine you love the neck pup that much to want to mix active and passive? Its a bit of a hassle really.

I would get a 707 or 60-7 for the neck, the 81-7 is primarily a bridge pup.

What I would suggest is a 707 in the bridge then buy a 707 TW for the neck and replace the 5 way switch with a 3 way switch, and replace the 500k volume pot with a 25k push pull pot and that way you will have a single coil in the neck with the 707TW

That is of course if you are ok routing your guitar for the bigger EMGs.

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