im looking for a real tube distortion monster, either a pedal or preamp. i dont know if theres a difference. but i want it to go in front of my "tiny terror" just so i can get some killer death metal distortion.
i live in melbourne, australia so some of those small u.s. companies arent available to me.
price isnt an issue, id just like to know what people think would be a good choice so any suggestions would b great
i should also add, i love my amp so i dont wanna change it, but one scenario i thought of was just getting a krankenstien head to go next to it
Just buy <insert random tube dist pedal> and you should be fine, it's kinda what they're made for.

Mesa has made some pedals with pretty awesome high gain tones.
Tiny Terror just doesn't do Death Metal (to much mid range, not enough high treble/presence). However, it's great for metalcore if you get an Overdrive pedal such as an ibanez Tubescreamer or any similar pedal.
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I'm smelling a lot of ProCo RAT suggestions..

The thing is, that pedal really shines with classic distortion sounds and the like. You want "death metal" you won't get it from that. That said, it's a great pedal you should look into sometime.

Some pedals that come to mind are:

The Digitech HardWire TL-2 Metal Distortion

Don't bash Digitech pedals, this one is great. Made for modern high gain metal. I have one and it's great. In fact, it's TOO metal for my playing style, so I sold it. But it was freaking HEAVY man. But not sludgy. It had fairly clean sweeps.

SD Twin Tube Mayhem.

Can't give much info here. My friend has one and it sounds amazing. 'nough said.

Also look into Mesa pedals. The V-Twin and Bottle Rocket are great pedals. Have yet to buy the V-Twin, but used to own a Bottle Rocket that was amazing. It broke. RIP BR
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