Says it all in the title really, willing to sell, or trade if a good item is offered, a DigiTech Bad Monkey.
It OK cosmetic condition, there are some surface scratches and paint chipping, but the pedal is in perfect working order, and still sounds amazing!
The only reason I;m selling is that I like to change me gear around, and I have has this a long time!

As I know these are very good, and popular pedals, whoever gives the highest offer will get the pedal. So offer up, cash or trades!

As in the title, UK only please.
I don't have any cash to throw in haha.

The SD-1 is more expensive anyway. £39 on GAK, the Bad Money is £36 from dolphin and GAK.
Again, I'll think about it, not sure if I want it.

Any other offers?
No problem. If you don't want it, I'll probably sell it and buy it from you in cash. :p
Would you hold onto it for me while I put the Boss on eBay?

Also how much would you sell it for?
bit too much for me mate. I could go into dolphin and get it for £6 more.