What are scales that are played in death metal because I'm stuck on pentatonic and I wanna get off of it. Death metal and pentatonic = bad.
diminished scales and harmonic minor scales are probably what you're looking for
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Well my band plays a mix of Death Metal / Metalcore / Hardcore / Progressive and I use harmonic minor, Major scales and diminished

No natural minor?
Major and Minor scales.
And what scale you use does not determine what the music sounds like.
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It's phrasing that makes death metal. The scales are universal, but the stylistic elements are not. On topic, try out Phrygian and Phrygian Dominant - those have a cool, almost exotic, sound to them.
Any scale can be used for any genre. Scales are what you make with them. I'd imagine most death metal songs end up using mostly chromatic tones rather than a set scale.
What a I meant by phrasing is that the style is what sets Death Metal apart from other genres. For example, where one is likely to find full chords in a jazz or blues piece along with some pentatonic scales, in death metal, one expects to find fast groupings of notes and few pauses. For a more visceral explanation, listen to Jean-Luc Ponti's "Cosmic Messenger" and then listen to Death's "Cosmic Sea". That will make phrasing and stylistic differences very obvious to you now that you know what I'm talking about.