I might be filling in for a band (old school hardcore, standard tuning) until they find a bassist. If everything works out, I'll step in on second guitar. I don't have bass gear - but I was thinking of using my octave pedal to fill in the bottom end. My Boss OC-3 is polyphonic, but it's either/or. It's good at handling single notes (polyphonic -not so much). I'm thinking of using that for the songs with the distinct bass lines (a couple of songs have bass intros as well as layered bass lines on breakdowns) and something else for the rhythm parts - maybe a Micro Pog, or a bass extension cab - and EQ accordingly.
I don't want to buy bass gear or a baritone, this is just a temporary thing.
Is there an octave pedal that tracks fast chord progressions really well that doesn't sound digital or synth like? Should I be looking at another solution?
A suggestions appreciated.
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Just turn down the treble on your guitar. Using the middle pick-up will help as well.
A metal band?
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