Hey guys. I've a favour to ask of ya'll. My girlfriend and I's anniversary is coming up in November (far away, I know) and I need help working on her anniversary gift (her birthday is the day before, so I was just going to make a 'mega' gift.)

I figure that this could be a great opportunity to have some people flex their musical muscles, and get some good music cred.

My idea is to make a mix CD of some of her favourite songs, and to mix in an original song in the mix. Catch is, all the songs being on the CD will be self recorded and covered.

I've been compiling a list of songs thus far, but I want it to be about an album length (10-13 songs maybe). Suggestions are also welcome!

Here's some of what I want done:

Staind - Outside
Beck - Lost Cause
U2 - In A Little While
Foo Fighters - Times Like These (acoustic or electric still to be decided)
The Verve - Lucky Man (This is kinda like 'our' song. So this one has to be, like, perfect)
Kings of Leon - Arizona
Coldplay - Fix You
Original - TBD

SO! My call to all of you is for instrumentalists willing to help me with these cover songs.
I'll need:
Acoustic Guitar (mine was stolen last month. Bummer!)
A little here and there help with Electric Guitar
I'll be doing all vocals, some electric guitar, synths, and generally whatever else I feel I need.

I'll do all the mixing and mastering, so the parts would just be recorded on your own time, with whatever equipment you can get. I do ask that no one records through their computer mic ><.

I can work with a lot of different recording programs, on both Windows and Macs. Reaper, Audacity, Sony Acid, GarageBand (Most preferred), Cubase LE (Second preferred), you get the idea.

And of course, when all is done, you'll be given FULL credit for what you've done to help, and I'll also send you the mp3s and master tracks if so desired.

Thanks everyone!

Awesome dude. I think I recalled you having a post about you using drum loops pretty well. If they sound pretty realistic, then that'll probably work.

I'd do them myself, except I don't have a 4 channel interface *grrr*. I don't wanna bog you down with too many parts, because that's a freak ton of work to do.

Also, I'm somewhat of a perfectionist, particularly with music. So don't be offended if when you send me something, I ask you to *polish* it a little bit, ya know?

Lemme know what you wanna play on which songs, and we'll go from there.
Sorry it's taken me so long to respond to ya'll. Weekends are super busy for me. ANYWAYS, most of this stuff will be done on everyone's own time, and then I'll work them into each song as I go along.

I want the parts everyone's playing to be AS CLOSE or EXACT to the parts in each song. Nothing crazy, nothing fancy. Just whatever the tabs you can find for it are. I also want the tones and effects to be the same way. AS CLOSE or EXACT to the parts.

Record in the tempos of each song. I'll try and get the original tempos so that there isn't any confusion. I also need to know everyone's recording programs. Like I stated before, GarageBand is my preferred program of choice. If you can make it an mp3, I'll just drag and drop it in GB, so that'll work just as well.

Prizefighter211, when you say you're down for bass, I won't be using you for every song. Just so you know. I first want you to try Outside by Staind. It's easy stuff, I know. Record at 147 BPM.

Muckypup, if you could possibly do a drums track for Fix You by Coldplay at 140 bpm, that'd be a great start.

Guitar players will have to wait. I want to get the bass and drum tracks down first before tackling rhythm and lead parts.
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Sounds great Prize. I suppose getting the bass tabs from the guy who MADE them IS the best way to play the song lol.

And if you can just make it an MP3, that'll work great.

Thanks dude!
Comrade Curry, we'll hold off on the organ for a couple weeks. Thanks though! Make sure you keep in touch!