Is it ok to use electric guitar strings on an acoustic guitar ?
Perhaps if they're a high enough gauge. I wouldn't though, I'd shell out the extra $7 for strings.
yeah u can but u well get a very different tone

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Im wondering this too, will i get a good sound with it and will it ruin my bridge?
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lol it wont ruin your bridge

use at least 10-52 (not 48!) electric, they will feel like usual acoustic 10s
i'd suggest also putting .24 or .22 wound nickel instead of unwound 3rd (or use 12-52 sets, they almost always have wound 3rd)
without special nut/proper intonated bridge unwound 3rd will be awful

anything thinner than 11-50 is going to buzz und sound badly
let alone 9-46

btw for fingerstyle and bends i totally love unwound 3rd when intonated
to have proper intonation on acoustic you can buy earvana nut

if you use proper gauge, the sound will be nice. nickel gives darker and mellower sound, but not like bronze worn to death
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