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Interesting music.Very industrial/machine.Cool riffs.I love the harmonies going on there,classical influenced.The overall sound is maybe a little digital,I think you could use some warmth in the upper register,I hear that you use a lot of harmonics also, adds up the trebly sound severely. But hey,maybe it's just my stereo or ears.
Playing is above excellent all the way through.Nice work !!!
Regards, Per

C4C is = Crit for crit ( I write my opinion of your music, you do the same for mine)

Here's mine if you like, don't have to if this is not your kind of music:
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Pretty damn badass. A lot of really cool elements at work and most importanly, they all actually work together. The little voice samples were a little unexpected and bizarre, but if that's your vision, that's cool.

Excellent work on both the composition and the recording.
I'm really liking this! Very electronic\progressive metal. I can hear some classical influence in the overall progression and the playing is superb! The recording sounds so professional. What did you use to record this?

The heavy guitar mixed in with the strings and electronic stuff sounds incredible. I love when people do that. Just makes it sound so much more unique. Some parts reminded me of the Black Mages, which just basically cover Final Fantasy music. The vocal samples sound so cool, it really adds a lightheartedness to the general heaviness of the composition.

This is just overall great! I generally have gotten bored with prog\symphonic metal, but this just stands out. I'd like to see you play some gigs and stuff!

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Hey TNMB, txs! I use a lot of stuff to record my tracks. I work with adobe audition to record en mix the stuff. I use the pod x3 through an M-audio interface.