So I am just bought an Ampeg 8x10 rig for $450 work perfectly, but the cosmetics are just trashed. I was wondering if anyone would know how many yards of Tolex I would need to cover the amp and I heard the material is stretchy too?

Any advice would be nice.

id say its just a case of measuring the amp as without actual dimensions its hard to tell you.

ive always wanted to cover an amp in crushed velvet as i think they look great, i saw some from a company i cant remember now.
How can we replace tolex?

I'd love to try it one day but I really have no idea how.
To buy:

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Boss TU-3 Done
Shure SM58 Done

Why not try a new material head down to your local Goodwill or Hospice and look in the fabric ile and you should find al sorts of stuff I'm gonna re cover my 20watt in denim........yeah its gonna be awsome. And found materials will always be cheaper than tolex and it gives your amp some extra character.

Is 8x10 your mesurements for this or are you just saying what kind of Amp it is?
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