So I have an old Jackson JS30RR, the entry level Rhoades V model, that I'm looking at selling right now.
I got it a few years ago and stupidly enough decided to "pimp" the pickups with white-out, they're Jackson pickups that look like a huge rip off of EMG's.
I'm now in need of some money and never play any other guitar than my Gibson, so I've decided I need to fix this old thing up to sell.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could get the white out off other than scratching at it furiously?
Perhaps something to rub on the white out to help soften it or even just remove it out right?
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i say just try rubbing it, in my experiance whiteout doesnt stick to plastic too well, could be wrong...
or you could replace the pickups, if you think its worth it (ive never played one of thoes before, so idk.)
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put some wd-40 or some goo gone solvent on a qtip. rub the pup, see if it softens and comes off.

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I'd try some rubbing alcohol on the end of a Q-Tip. It works to get whiteout off other stuff.
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Rubbing alcohol.

If all else fails go on ebay and get some crap epiphone stock pickups or something for $10. I find cheap epi stock ones on ebay quite often people people upgrade them asap.
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goo-gone or goof-off should do it.
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On my Charvel bass the covers were removable from the pickups so just remove the covers if you don't want to ruin the pickups and use some goo-gone.
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First, check if the pickup covers are removable.
If they are, remove them if your scared of damaging your pickups, then use rubbing alchohol to remove the whiteout.

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