Hello everyone
I don't normally use GP5 and I can truthfully tell you that I'm not the best writer.
This is just the intro only with no drums to what hopefully will become a catchy pop punk song.
All opinions/Crit are appreciated.
Its not much but enjoy!
Oh, by the way, It's my first post so I hope to be getting progressively better as i continue to write stuff and get your opinions!
New Song for Band.zip
Considering how empty it is and how short it is, it really could turn into a really good... intense/heavier pop-punk song. When I think pop-punk, I think Blink-182 or Green Day. This song is more lead-y and melodic. Not a bad thing, though.

There really isn't anything I don't like about it, it just needs bass and drums and to be longer. Start turning it into a full song with your band.
Hey man, thanks for the reply!
Yeah what I'm shooting for is a heavier, melodic pop punk sound...in a sense like four year strong.
I will deffinatly add on to it and post the full product when it's done.