im making a demo soon with my band and our gear is woefully lacking! we've got a behringer xenyx 1202 mixer that ive recently learned is only able to record a maximum of 3 tracks at a time. we'll buy a pair of behringer 2 in/2 out usb interfaces soon to get the sound from the mixer into the computer. using this set up, we can mic up the drum kit and record 3 independent tracks onto the computer (which we'll edit later).

right so, the mics we have are as follows: behringer c3 condenser, several behringer xm1800s (which are basically shure sm57 rip-offs) and a cheap large diaphragm kick drum mic. so we have enough mics to actually place them all over the kit and get a decent sound, but due to the limited capabilities of the mixer, we can only have 3 seperate tracks.

can anyone suggest how to set up these mics so i can get a decent sound (loud, in your face, punchy, hard rock kind of sound) because ive googled and searched and am still clueless!
so in your opinions, where would i place the mics, and most importantly, which mics do i have in each of the 3 tracks? so for example, do i have kick, snare, and an overhead? or kick, and 2 overheads? or 3 overheads?

and finally, i need some advice on avoiding phasing problems, and panning afterwards. as far as panning is concerned, i need a set up that would give me some proper depth without leaving parts of the kit all weak and flobbery. so i need a loud kick, loud snare, and i need it in stereo!
and i have no idea what phasing is and how to avoid it.
thank you
first of all it won't be easy to get a punchy rock sound with just 3 low quality mics. i would place 2 overhead mics(same type and condenser) by using xy or ab stereo microphone technique. take care that the snare is right in the center of the mics! pan one on the left and the other on the right for nice stereo image. the third track i would use for the kick(won't be as loud in the overhead mics as the snare)
phasing problems only occur if you record one instrument the snare for example with more than one mic so don't worry about that

good luck
Experiment with your room too, you can get it to sound "there" or if it's a bad spot in the room it will always sound distant.
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