I guesss it's kindaaa

Electronic Post Metalcore??? lol
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The into was pretty cool, didn't enjoy it too much, but when it came to the Mr Bass Precision part, I really started to enjoy the song.
The pre-chorus was alright, but you should have used more than 1 scale.
The chorus sounds somewhat dull, from bar 81 try to add more melody to it on the guitar part.

Overall a nice electronic metal song, I don't see these kind of things everyday
Keep working on the song, and upload the rest when you continue!

C&C my metal song if you like:

Man. you just keep crankin em out don't you?

I liked The cats first meow better :P
This ones great too though.

-I think your pre-chorus needs more...sustinance
-Chorus is catchy as hell...as usuall
-Mr. Bass precision wants a better transition :P
-enjoyed 53-56
-AH. you can do better than fading out!

Quite enjoyed this one too.
You should try making a solo somewhere O_o
Electronica will receive a good 5 or 6 tracks more, and lol my side project will be over... Three more songs to look out for "The Lonely Blue Whale", "That's What She Said", and "Exit Electronica". Maybe a Left Untold song remix lol.. We will have to see. Thanks for the crit, you square, you! And Bomb, you're the bomb.
PSN: RokkstarX
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All my original (C4C) material is located here.
Didn't like the Drum intro. The Main riff was surprisingly cool though. Verse was OK, not too special. Pre-Chorus is good, but the rhythm needs work, instead of two guitars sweeping, I suggest either a harmony or rhythm. Chorus was pretty annoying IMO. The Bass break was cool, except for the clapping in the background. Breakdown was awesome. The Outro reminded me of I Like to Move It Move It lol. On the whole, nice, although not my taste, and needs work on rhythm/harmonizing, especially the Guitars and E. Leads. 7.5/10
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