That was pretty good. It sounded like it had some Spanish influence. And I really like that backwards part (I don't know if it was backwards or if you were using a volume pedal) It had a very "spacey" feel to it too, kind of matches your username A couple times it sounded a little off-beat, but otherwise, it was good.
I agree, it sounds like there's some Spanish-type influence in there. Overall, the guitars were beautiful, and the reversed section really creates a spacey kind of tone that's very unique.

I really liked it.
That was great. I don't even know how it could be improved. Then again I don't really listen to this type of music. You should definatley add this to your playing skills as well.
No Emotion...Death Is All I Need
i listened to this song and really liked it so then i went through and listened to some of your other stuff and it is all excellent. i really like the "spanish influnece" you have in there and i use it a lot too when i write. i feel like it spices things up even more since the listener isnt generally used to hear that kind of thing. on top of that you have put some great sounding solos together and all i can really say is keep up the good work and keep the good music coming
That was awesome, sounded like you used a classical guitar or something, very spanish guitar sounding, I dont see how you could improve that, dosent sound much like it needs vocals.

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