With forming a structured schedule atm I seem to just doodle, which is fun but I dont feel its helping me to progress as much as I should be. Im currently learning to sweep pick but I basically suck. Recently got an Ibanez RGR421EXFM and because of this playing alot more. I play mostly metal atm and Have been playing for a year and a half, dont call me a loser for getting a reasonabley good guitar if I suck because ive been playing some **** one that I bought off ebay for a 5a for that length of time. Basically I need pointing in the right direction. Thanks.
Learn a few songs you like, even if they're too fast for you yet, play them at a speed you can handle and slowly work your way up. Learn a few scales and or whatnot and try coming up with your own stuff. I find that when you learn to make up your own stuff, you start playing a lot more and it's a lot more fun. Sweep picking is a great thing to learn but I would save it for later if I were you.
Well for practising sweep picking I usually start of with 2-3 string sweeps and expand outwards into the full 6 strings

As for a practice schedule I usually break mine up so I lay for 15 minutes break for 5-10 and then play for another 15