What wood/s do you prefer the guitar made from for shredding...basswood, alder, mahogany, ash, poplar etc... A lot of people go for basswood and im not sure why.
All wood is good for shredding as long as you have a wood chipper on hand.

Seriously though, I like basswood, it's a neutral wood and it allows the electronics to shine through more.
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Personally I like Alder or Basswood. Mahogany works well too, but it's heavy I believe, so large bodies made of it will hurt.

Edit; Right, explanations. Alder is an excellent wood I think. I've seen people play everything from country and folk to nu-metal on alder-bodied guitars. It's got a nice, defined tone with a good clear sound. Mahogany is similar to me, but thicker, louder and more bassy, really a preference between those two. Basswood, just read the above.

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Basswood for shredding.

Mahogany for everything else

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Alder or good quality Basswood would be my opinion.
Basswood is my favorite. It has a focused mid-range so it cuts through. Alder and Ash are good too because they're bright. Ash is also punchy so that's good if it's your style. Basically anything that's not too dark is good or else it can get muddy. I normally don't like Mahogany, but the Ibanez S and SV are pretty good. The thinness of the body reduces the negative qualities of mahogany for shredding.
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I like alder and basswood, along with almost everyone else in this thread. One thing I'd really like is for Carvin to offer their guitars in basswood...
gotta love the plywood
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Basswood if the guitar's a bolt-on/Floyd combo
Alder for set neck/Floyd
Ash for set neck/fixed bridge
Maple neck/body with mahogany wings and rosewood fretboard for neck-through/Floyd
100% maple for neck-through/fixed bridge

At least in terms of getting the tone balanced and clear as possible to make the most out of highly technical playing, those would be my picks.
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Basswood or alder. shredding usually uses higher notes, and basswood and alder are very good woods for nice sounding highs. Mahagony is good for blues and rock soloing, because the sound is dirtier and less trebly, but for shredding IMO it's not as good as basswood or alder.
chip board if not ebony
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I find the combination of Mahogany body, Maple neck and Ebony fretboard covers just about everything. My 'other' guitar is Alder body, Maple neck and Rosewood fretboard and it is a bit thinner sounding. Still okay though and an excellent backup.
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