I just got a new guitar! It's an Aria Pro II TS-400.

It plays like butter, but unfortunately has some noisy pickups. I bought some Duncans with the guitar and I am trying to install them myself; however, the 4 wires coming out of these ancient japanese pickups are not at all the same colors as those that are coming out of my duncans. I'm trying to map out where all the wires are now, so that I can go back to what I had when/if I screw this up (my first pup swap, btw). Does anyone know of any resources that I could use, or perhaps even know what color wire translates into n/s/ground/whatever?

I'd post pics, but my camera is missing.
Do you have a multimeter?
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Seriously, though - if anyone out there can give me some help, it would be great.
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For the record, that is a bannable offense. Most users in here are quite a bit more serious than in the Pit.

Delete the rickroll and I have a link that'll help you.
R.I.P. Les Paul, 1915-2009

A man chooses, a slave obeys.
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This isn't the pit.
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That's my point. We actually have some E-dignity.
R.I.P. Les Paul, 1915-2009

A man chooses, a slave obeys.
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I probably don't deserve any help from you folks at this point, so help is you're still feeling kind. Otherwise, I don't blame you.

Linking to pb opens up the possibility of a rickroll, and is pretty annoying, so can someone also tell me how to put pics straight up onto the thread?
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If you have a screwdriver or any other metal object, it'll be pretty easy. The three-way switch should be kind of obvious. The middle goes through the tone controls, then to the jack. The North and South poles go to the pickups.

Flip the switches and tap the pickup poles to see what the switches do. Most likely one is a coil split for the the neck, one is a coil split for the bridge, and one is a series/parrallel switch when both pickups are selected.

To test for coil split - select either the neck or bridge. Tap both the North and South pole pieces with a piece of metal that would be attracted to a magnet. Both should make a "pop" noise from your amp. Flip the switches. If only one set of pole pieces makes the "pop" then it has been split.

As for series/parrellel, I'm not sure how to describe it. If you select both pickups w/o either being split, it should sound different.

The wisest route that I could ascertain, the route that I have chosen, is to work with someone else on this project. There's a guy in town who's going to be doing most of the work, but he's agreed to at least let me watch and give me an idea of what I need to do.

I'm also redoing the miniswitch configuration. Two will be replaced with 3way switches to give me a series/split/parallel for each humbucker and the last switch will be an in/out of phase.