So I just got a new guitar, and on the schecter website it shows it with pickup covers, but mine has none. I've seen some of this model without them before though.

What exactly do they do, and should I consider getting some?

Also, when my guitar's distorted it sounds a little muddy on the lower strings, would have covers help at all?
idk if they would help, but the covers dont make much difference. pickups without covers will sound a little brighter or high output, but its an extremely small difference. they are mostly cosmetic
Apparently, if you take the pickup covers off it gives a bit more clarity. Try Eq'ing a bit more e.g. add some mids.
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Like people said, Pups without covers usually sound a little brighter, it also looks nice when its put with a good design.

As for the too muddy, are you using your MG's Overdrive? It could be the overdrive itself, clean channels alright. Ever considered a Dist./OD pedal?
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buy some, put em on if you really want em that bad
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The flabby low end could be caused by many things. Pickups, EQ, solidstate amp, cheap speakers etc.
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The flabby low end could be caused by many things. Pickups, EQ, solidstate amp, cheap speakers, the MG, etc.

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Try lowering your pickups and see if that clears up the destortion.
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