This is a youtube clip of my band Xstrophy playing the first half of the original called Intro To My Life. The song is actually 8 minutes, but this is only the first 4 or 5. I will try to post a studio quality file of this song in its entirety later on, but I just wanted to know what people thought. And if you check out my video and give me some feedback, Ill definitely check out your work and let you know what I think. Thanks!


This was good, i like the music, but the videos' audio quality sucked, can you please make the studio version as soon as you can? I would love to hear it... !
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Hey thanks man. yeah I know the camera sucked but you could kind of get the idea anyway, haha. And the studio version is almost complete. All we have to do is finish vocals, and then put some EQ's and gates on the drums.