I posted recently a suggestion for an amp, so I tried the XXX and I liked it a lot, I liked a bugera a little bit more, but I won't take risks aboout the amp exploding.
So the XXX will let me on a very limited budget for a cabinet ,around 350 US.
I've looked the following cabs:
line 6 spider 4x12 cab http://line6.com/cabinets/spider.html
Used peavey windsor 4x12
Laney lv412S http://www.laney.co.uk/show_prod.php?prod=lv412s
Laney gs http://www.laney.co.uk/show_prod.php?prod=gs412ia
Please have in mind that I cant buy through ebay, I will be playing power metal, thrash, an maybe some nu.
the laney gs is miles better than the others

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Why are you listing UK website's when you have $350? Do you live in UK or US?