I'm going to start learning how to play the slide guitar better,I'll be using my tele for this. What gauge strings should I put on it? I know alot of slide guitar is in open C and other weird tunings. Any reccomendations?
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Gauge strings doesn't matter that much.

What you want to do is raise the action on ur Tele.

This way your slide doesn't hit the frets, and you can apply more force which gives a bit better and more consistent tone.

If you do this however, then it will be harder to play "normal" guitar on it.

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im unsure about gauge strings, but i know the action needs to be somewhat high.

idk maybe try 11 gauge strings.
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yah action needs to go up, if u do that u might need to adjust intonation tho as well. and i've been told thicker strings are better for sound.

open A and open E are also good. Robert Johnson was a fan of open A, and Duane Allman used open E a lot, so if ur into those guys, its a good place to start.