Lately I have taken up funk style guitar, mainly from the RHCP. I put a very short jam on my profile that I made up, and would just like a little feedback on how im doing. Thanks
that was good except for the rhythm/chords part you did. funk uses a lot of "chucking" as i call it. its when you mute all the strings (or maybe just some) and play the muted note(s). most funk rhythms are based around the 16th note. there are about a million videos on youtube for this chucking technique. they can explain it better then me. the lead parts were good though. maybe get a simple backing track behind you to make your lead sound better.

i have a few vids in my profile if you wanna crit one.
Not bad, not bad at all. The intro sounds a bit like funky monks even. I'm a doing a little funk myself, gna record the funk i have done once im done the song i am working on.
It was good, but I agree that the rhythm could use some work, it was a little off in some places. A backing track would help with that too. The lead sounded pretty good, definitely heard some rhcp influence in there.


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I agree with Universal_Mind. You've got a great, catchy hook, but your timing seems to be off in spots. Play with a backing track of sorts to help with that. Great writing, just work on that rhythm.

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