Swearwords utmost! I trusted a local artist to customise a les paul of mine, and instead of covering over the pickups, without consulting me he snipped the wire at the pickup and simply pulled them out thinking I could 'wire new ones in, it can't be that hard'. He has no clue about guitars and I currently feel like smashing the beast over his head and skull funking him! So....I'm sat here with a les paul with two snipped out humbuckers, right at the coil almost and I wanna cry but I know you guys can help! Is it possible just to rewire/solder them back in...what's the score? I'm devastated!
it is no big deal.
where is it removed?
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xjosheex, you have made a simple answer to it all haha

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I hope he gets a blood disease and dies alone and screaming.

I mean that in the nicest way possible of course.
Go make the guy pay for corrections. Sue the idiot if you have to. He should be paying for the repairs.
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He left a cm maximum, can I just solderjoint a fresh wire on and connect it up?
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Go make the guy pay for corrections. Sue the idiot if you have to. He should be paying for the repairs.

This. Although threaten the lawsuit first. Was it a Gibby, or a knockoff?

Also, Invader Jim has a tutorial on converting a two-wire pickup to a four-wire, you could use it to help you fix it.
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I'd go buy the wangcaster and shove it up his ass until it comes out his dick hole
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Haha he has no money hense the 'artist' claimant, don't worry I shallnt be recommending, alright ill scout around jims posts, cheers guys
Did you pay him for the work? If so, sue him for that. He promised false results and in the process caused irreparable damage to an instrument that held both real and sentimental value.
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Lol, @ brock and his lawyer talk. But seriously, just threaten a law suit, and he'll probly do whatever he can (replace pups and such) to get out of it, kuz like you said he doesn't have the money, so he knows he vcant avoid a lawyer
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With just a little stub of wire hanging out not much to work with resoldering things together. Can be done just not very easy. Might be a good time to use jims 4 wire tutorial makes em more versatile and solves the wire problem. Yea its a pain in the butt and uses up your time etc. But going after starving "artist" with a lawyer will just waste your money and more time. I can almost hear him now "aahh dude chill out it aint a big thing man here have a swat". Guy like that will always be starving and stoned, chalk it up as a learning experience.
I say just threaten him with the suit, don't actually file. Threaten it, then say you're going to file unless he reimburses you somehow. Remind him that it's not a personal grudge, it's just business.
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make him replace your pickups(say you had better ones that you actually had) or lawsuit
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say that you had original 59 gibson pickups. just kidding that would suck for him.
so he left a cm of wire right? then just freaking solder everything back together. thats more than enough wire to get a decent solder joint on there. it shouldnt be hard to wire it back up. he did not damage the pickups or anything, there really doesnt seem to be any reason for a lawsuit. if he had broken the winding or something and refused to replace the pickups, then maybe. but from what im getting you could just wire the things back up and not have it be an issue.