I was debating with my drummer as to whether or not a song is more passionate when it is played acoustic or electric. In your opinion, when would you say it is played/sung with more heart?
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I was debating with my drummer as to whether or not a song is more passionate when it is played acoustic or electric. In your opinion, when would you say it is played/sung with more heart?

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i think its more passionate with fabio in the music video.
and a looped accoustic track,lots of chrus.
and a nice pentatonic solo,
chocked full of pinch harmonics and delay.
and a fwe legato licks.
thats just me.
and the drums
HAVE to sound digital.
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xjosheex, you have made a simple answer to it all haha

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I like the sound of a clean electric guitar alone...but nothing beats an acoustic with a fresh set of strings.

So yeah, I like both.

semi hollows, i love em,

but this is stupid
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It completely depends.....this question is a steamy load of fail.
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semi hollows, i love em,

but this is stupid

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I love them too
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depends on the song, john mayer's neon makes it seem that the acoustic is more passionate for example
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Totally depends on the player.

Tears in Heaven will be passionate and emotional no matter how Clapton plays it. However some cover player can just play the right notes and in rhythm/time but it won't have the magic of passion.

If you're passionate about something making you mad (gov't?) then you'll probably find distorted guitar and bass or really fast drums the best tool. If you're passionate about making the listener feel like he is in a field running, a violin, a nylon string guitar, or an acoustic might be a better medium. If you're wanting to make a funny 'i'm going on a walk story' pop to the users head play some bass or take the mic.

All in the player and his ability to use his skills, while some instruments are better for certain items than most. Any situation I listed about could be played on a clean electric if articulated right.
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What do you find more passionate, acoustic or electric?
Acoustic has more of an intimate feel when playing it. You're more directly connected to the instrument during the process of playing. The richness of harmonic content is shaped by the guitar's body and there is a "three dimensional" relationship between the vibration of the guitar against you, and the interplay of the natural sound reflecting off the surrounding wall.

Any change in the tone of the instrument is a result of how you interact with the strings and even the body itself.

Electrics have a much wider range of tonal possibilities. But the sound comes from a speaker or array of speakers. The "tone" is a combination of the playing techniques and the settings on the gear.

Passion? Kind of a silly question. You can use any instrument to express emotion. How well YOU are able to master it and use what's available to express yourself determines how much passion you convey.
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