Losing Fear

i need songs that kinda make you lose your fear of things

i am a skateboarder and i would like to listen to some songs that make me fear nothing.

you guys no any good songs?
"I am Shitting My Pants In Fear"

- MC Lulz

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Anything by Black Flag
Anything by Mastadon
Anything by The Sex Pistols

Listen to my covers here.

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Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark...
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Liquid drum & bass Tunes help me skate inline

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Give it all by Rise Against
I will be heard by Hatebreed
Kickstart my Heart by Mötley Crüe.
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Lamb of God, Children of Bodom,
crank that **** and just skate.
just give me a fender and let me rip
i reckon anything off the Tony Hawk games soundtrack would be cool
Fall Back Down by Rancid
or Superman by Goldfinger
god i miss playing those games haha
My roommate likes to put on one of the first four Slayer albums and skate his heart out without any fear whatsoever. I suggest you do the same. I don't like skating with headphones on, or anything in pockets for that matter. Just me and my board.
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Stalgaah. If you can listen to them without being alittle weirded out, you can manage facing the many challenges and fears of skateboarding...
DevilDriver- the whole "the last kind words" album
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you know, you would sound like less of a douche if you'd said "Songs that get you pumped" or something of that nature.

but I'll say almost anything by Amon Amarth, Sepultura, Pantera, and Testament
Soil - pride
soil - halo
saliva - click click boom
p.o.d. - boom
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Slave by the Amenta (I think thats how you spell it)
Blood Eagle by War path
Ob (servent) by Psycroptic

all I can think of right now.
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and any ska

This. Ska pumps you up like nothing else.
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Just go out their and fucking do it already.
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