i want to fix the tone pot on my dads 1980's aria pro II slb bass. i sprayed it with contact cleaner but it didnt do anything. should i replace the pot? what kind is it and what capacitor does it have on it?
Uh we would need you to do the research on that for us or at least we maybe could get a pic of said tone pot they normally say what rating they are on the back of them is it a 250k or a 500k.......I can't see the issue you have so i'm sorry I''m not any help to you at the moment.
If you can do the soldering and read the schematic then replace the pot yourself just try to figure out what the K rating is so it won't change your sound. Cause if it had a 250K in it and you put a 500K you will notice tonal difference.
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i believe it is a 250k but im not sure, its about the size of a strat pot and smaller than a les paul pot. i dont know anything about capacitors what kind do you suggest?
get a .02 uf cap. just replace the pots. try 250k and 500k and ask what he likes. i'd say 500k for tone but tone pot value doesnt matter as much. cleaning a pot is very temporary, just replace it.
oh alright. sorry i read the allparts thing. check mounting depth. i doubt you'll be able to use these Http://www.smallbearelec.com/Detail.bok?no=9 but if you can do it. have a 1/3" shaft. and for caps Http://www.smallbearelec.com/Detail.bok?no=162 somewhere between .022 and .047 its all up to you.
thanks, usualy i would go some where else but gfs is 5 MINUTES away from my house so shipping is really fast! lol
its a factory, i already tried that but i got the pot last night so i will be installing it sometime this week.