well hello there pit

for my A level media coursework i gotta make a music video for a band...cool huh?

one snag

the song cant have a music video already

i was thinking Paul Gilberts Down To Mexico but i dont know if it has a video

does the collective knowledge of the pit know?

If it does suggestions would be appreciated for different songs along the same lines

EDIT: Down to Mexco has no video so s'all good the one posted below was the intro to an instructional video/DVD
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I've done that exact media coursework.

My suggestions are clear and defined genres.



Hip Hop.

These are very very very easy genres to do well.
Fast cuts, backlighting, bit of a storyline. You'll be sorted.

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yes coreysmonster mario 64 cloud level has whipped a level medias ass at being weird..
I thought the video for down to mexico was a fan vid
I was wrong ah well thanks for clearing it up
I recently finished a music video for my A level.

We were allowed to use a song that already had a video, but the teacher advised us not to watch it if it had one, so we could come up with our own ideas and not be (conciously or subconciously) influenced by the already existing video