This is a Pop Punk song, but it's more guided towards a radio type pop punk (The Offsprings "You're gonna go far, kid" is a good example, a single type song, more or less)

I wanna add lyrics in, I just need to figure out something good, C4C
What It All Means.gp5

Yes, poop.
this is nothing like pop punk, it is post-grunge i guess, but i can see the your gonna go far kid influence, it was the typical song with well chosen chords, the arpeggios were kinda epic.
Definitely harder alternative rock, sorta grunge-ish. Very good intro. Verse could be filled out with vocals. Verse II is awesome, and the chorus is amazing. Verse III was pretty cool. I LOVE how the beginning of the second chorus only has guitar for a moment, no other instruments. Solo is pretty simple, I like it, and I don't mind that it's not "EXTREME!!1!1," although it does get kinda fast. The next chorus is still awesome. Adding that one solo theme to the chorus is absolutely awesome.

Pretty nice work here. Nothing wrong with it, really. I'd add, during the softer verses, some sort of slow, high lead on a third guitar. Nothing fast to distract you, but it can compliment the clean guitar, you know?