I have a Fender American Special Mahogany Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar (crimson red) 2005 and a Crate Palomino V32 tube amp for sale. The amp has barely been played as it turned out to be way to loud for my house and I really knew nothing about amps when I bought it. The guitar has never left the couch. You would have to look very very hard to find any ding or scratch on it. The only thing I did was remove the strap locks because I did not like the kind it shipped with and I never rebought the kind I like. I guess that says something about how much I used it. My asking price is $1500 for both. We would have to discuss shipping if any deal were to be made and how much shipping costs would be. I would cover some of the shipping, maybe around 30 percent and you would cover the rest. Here is a link to the guitar and if you want actual pics of these items, just PM me.




PS Im located in Northern California. Close to the Bay Area and about an hour and a half west of Sacramento.