I've been having issues with my Danelectro Spring King when I run it with my power supply, so I went with a 9v battery. It's dead after a couple of days - is that normal?! I never use batteries - how on earth could I reply on that for a gig? Do batteries really drain that fast?
For constant use, ya. Don't leave the input jack plugged in when you're not playing, because that drains the battery.
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Yeah, the main thing you're going to want to do is make sure that you unplug the input after you're done using it. I've left my TS plugged in one day and the next it was dead. I've switched to a power supply now, since they're much more reliable. Even so, it's a lot cheaper too. A two pack of batteries was about $5, and the power supply was only $10. Also, a lot of people don't like how the tone changes in their pedals when the batteries are running low. I'd just stick with plugging it in, but even so, make a good habit out of just unplugging it when you're done. I'd even look into a different power supply if yours is giving you trouble.
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Varies alot. Leaving the input plugged in will usually kill a batt over night but unplugging all your pedals everyday is a pain to keep doing for a long time. A fuzz without an LED will run a long long time on a single batt. Add an LED indicator it runs down quicker. Some ICs consume more than others, 2 ICs will use more than a single etc. A pedal w input/output buffers and the associated switching network will use more power than a pedal w a hardswitch true bypass and no buffers. And digital stuff really eats batteries. My old H20 chorus/echo using just the chorus side and a batt would last a while, use the echo side and it was dead fast. Save your self alot of money and get a power supply. 5 or 6 pedals using batts in a few weeks would pay for a 1 spot.
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My line 6 Verbzilla lasted a total of 4 hours once. Died at the end of a set, righ there on stage, I had a fresh in at the opener. I got a power supply, problem solved. You might want to look into the DC input and get the specs.

Standard Boss inputs are Pin Neg, (I think), and that might have an effect. Just look for the Dan Electro spring king DC switch, I cant imagine that it would be that much. Strap a one spot, power strip, and any other dcs you have to your board, and viola!
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