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breakfast food
84 79%
lunch food
8 8%
dinner food
14 13%
Voters: 106.
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Here in Germany, people eat them for dinner, in the USA people eat them for breakfast.

are pancakes a dinner or breakfast food where you live?

Waffles > Pancakes
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December 14, 2017

Blueberry pancakes. Oh. my. god.
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in all honesty, pancakes are a complete hybrid meal, perfectly acceptable for any meal at any time of the day

everytime i go to a concert and leave at 3am in the morning... eat n park pancakes are always a awesome way to end the night
Pancakes makes good frisbees as well.
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I'm gonna have a party.
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Breakfast. Preferably in a gross pile about 8 inches thick with plenty of blueberries and maple syrup. F***IN' YUM BITCHES!!!!
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It's very much universal. Pancakes are a great way to start the day, a tasty meal in the middle and whatever anyone says it can clearly be used in brinner. Hence, it's all three. But I still voted dinner, because I've had them for dinner more than the other two.

S t a i r s s r i a t S

Honestly, I eat them whenever. I always crave them when I wake up but a couple times a week I usually turn to the fluffycakes for dinner
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The Pancake Monster says that they are a "sometimes" food. I hate fat kids.

yeah, well, coreysMonster says fuck the pancake monster and eat pancakes whenever, and the fat kids, too.
Savoury pancakes are usually a starter, or crepes as a sweet. Eating them for breakfast is just fat.
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yeah, well, coreysMonster says fuck the pancake monster and eat pancakes whenever, and the fat kids, too.

Wait, eat the fat kids whenever too?

Yes, poop.
Dinner usually. but i never usually eat breakfast, so that could be some of it
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Well i rarely eat pancakes, but one thing i learn: the chocolate ones are tasty.
dinner food

pancakes as breakfast is ****ing disgusting, you americans are crazy

I don't eat them very often, though

PS. pancakes with bacon are ****ing delicious
Dinner and Breakfast. Its good all around.
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there's a time for eating? that's just stupid
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I eat them for breakfast. I don't think I could enjoy them any other time of the day other than the morning.
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The Pancake Monster says that they are a "sometimes" food. I hate fat kids.


also, i eat them whenever. i dont put syrup on mine, butter and sugar ftw
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Where is my "all of the above" option, cause I've eaten them as every meal at some point

I've had them for all occasions, heck even brunch :P

Funny, just a couple hours ago I made pancakes for the first time because I was starved and saw the "American vs British Breakfast" thread.

All the time food?

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Any time of the day. Forget drugs, there should be a pancake support group, and the support is figuring out how to get more pancakes.

Going to make pancakes. brb
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