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24 33%
44 60%
5 7%
Voters: 73.
I learned English and French around the same time.
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well, of course as i am from Finland finnish is my first language
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I could probably get out a basic conversation with someone in Spanish, after taking it for 4 years in high school. But, yes, English is my main, and only, language.
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Norwegian first, English second. But I honestly feel like I have a better grasp on English at times...

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Technically mine should be hindi.. but english it is..
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French as a first language.

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Spanish is my first language. English second and I can say bad words in filipino.
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Technically, Estonian is my first language ( to the first poster), but I speak English far more fluently (apparently I have a slight American accent when I speak Estonian, but I don't sound European when I speak English). Of course, I watched so much TV when I was 3ish that it would have been impossible for me not to have picked English up, and I spent practically all my life at an American school with Americans.
I only speak in Estonian with my family, and (besides my parents) they also speak better English than Estonian.

Also, I started learning and speaking English before I really had a full grasp of Estonian so although it's technically a second language, I don't view it as such.
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I speak French and English at the same level. English with my family, french with everyone else.
Portuguese first, English second, Spanish third, French fourth. Got it?
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French as a first language.

That explains a lot

Danish is my first.
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Lithuanian is my native language so yes.

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no, English is my first language. I was born in America.... I can't really do much about that.

I'd love to learn another language.

well... some other languages. some languages I have no desire (and would refuse) to learn.
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