I've read what anchoring is, but I'm not sure if I'm doing it when I alternate or tremelo pick. I have read the advantages an disadvantages of anchoring and decided that I don't want to do it. I'll try and explain what I do.

Let's say I'm tremelo picking a note on the high e. In order for me to be able to do it, I need to rest part of my hand on the lower strings. I can't just pick fast when my hand is "floating". If I'm doing it on the low E, then I'll have to put part of my hand on the pickguard.

None of my fingers are sticking out, and my hand is still curled up in a fist. The only part that touches the guitar is the area below my thumb and my hand is kind of turned sideways. It's kind of the position that you use for palm muting. Is this still anchoring?

Thanks for any help!
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I do that as well. I don't think it's anchoring, or at least it's not bad.
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i dont think it is tbh... i do this too. doing that i guess wouldnt give you a pain in your hand lol. chill ;-)
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Dont think this is anchoring.
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Your supposed to rest the base of your picking hand on the strings below where you play to mute them anyway, its not anchoring
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It's still anchoring [aka hand touches guitar body], but don't sweat it as long as your playing is not sloppy and you're not in pain.

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I think it is classes as anchoring when your picking the low e and your hand has to rest on the body of the guitar but im not totally sure about resting slightly on the strings cos you do that in muting anyway but even that probably is because shawn lane doesnt touch the guitar at all, i would like this to be cleared up as well to be honest because i cant pick as fast with my hand not touching so perhaps i do anchor as well
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Its not anchoring as long as you don't put much pressure on the spot and fix your hand in a certain place.
I dont see why everyone worries about anchoring. It may be bad technique technically, but everyone plays their own way. If anchoring feels right, do it. It cant hamper your abilities if not anchoring makes playing harder. Lots of fast, technical guitarists anchor, John Petrucci and Joe Satriani to name 2.
Slowly play a note sequence over a few strings,raise speed and see if you press your palm harder as you speed up.The hand should only be muting and not used as a crutch.Adding strong pressure,releasing and repeating(usual steps when anchoring over all 6 strings in sequence) is not good for the arm muscles and makes them work spasmodically...Trying to avoid doing that will make either your picking come from the finger joints or add unnecessary difficulties to your syncro due to the added muscle action required when changing the picking hand position.

Really Freepower put it down pretty straightforwardly(even for me frenchie-canadian) in the Guide to all techniques.
Most overdiscussed topic ever, IMO.

I believe that as long as it does not limit your playing, and does not hurt / do damage to your body, it is perfectly alright to do it.
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the problem is that anchoring doesn't hurt you RIGHT THEN. it hurts you way down the road, and it can be a serious problem.

TS, resting on the strings is okay. Keep off the body, seems an awkward angle to do it. Try to avoid it. All you have to do is just try to avoid doing it and you'll see yourself getting faster just because you're actively trying not to anchor. It worked for me.
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Read FreePower's guide to anchoring.

Okay, i don't know what you're trying to imply here? TS said it himself: "In order for me to be able to do it, I need to rest part of my hand on the lower strings". That IS anchoring
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To everyone who seems to be saying 'IT'S ANCHORING UNLESS YOUR HAND IS FLOATING IN THE AIR':

Stop giving advice pertaining to anchoring.

TS: As long as you can freely move your hand across the strings (you're not pushing down hard), doing what you're doing is fine.
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