So I am trying to write lyrics with my only influence being The Devil Wears Prada, and I want it to be about Obama and politics, but how can I start it off??
If you want to write, it should have more influence, but seeing as it's in the TDWP vein, try to use lots of metaphor, symbolism and most songs in this genre like to start of with a one or two line statement that you can repeat a few times.
Let your brain flow.
Think of the pros and cons of politics with Obama, and the pros and cons without him.
Put in your thoughts and feelings about the pros and cons and then just go with it.
CAN I GET A SCREAM FOR COMMUNISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

don't sing politics, you always end up pissing someone off and accidentally saying something stupid. isn't that a social law, like gravity? no religion, politics, or money?
An opening line that grabs people is a good one. Think of something controversial (an idea about whatever you're going against) and stick it all into one line. Something that'll make people say WTF WHO IS THIS GUY??? thats how i got into slayer methinks. Many controversial, catchy lyrics there