Hi, I'm going to get Rokit monitors sometime this weekend I think and earlier, a question popped into my head that I'm confused about.

I know I can connect the monitors to my interface (Presonus 1394) with two 1/8 cables (left and right), but is it possible that i can use both the monitor AND computer speakers (not at the same time, just having them both plugged in and not plugging anything out)?

If so, how would you go about go about for this set up for computer, interface, computer speakers, and monitors. Would both the computer speakers and monitors go to the outputs of the interface?

And lastly, if you go to Control Panel and then go to Sounds and Audio Devices Properties (windows xp), would would be your sound playback device and sound recording device?

Sorry about that long question, it's just I've been really confused about all this, this morning. Thank you!
Unless you have some seriously bitchin' computer speakers, you probably won't want to use them anymore once you've got Rokits.
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but arent monitors only used for recordings because they sound "honest" so you make it sound good?

so shouldnt it be really hard to actually listen to music through monitors?
Nope. Listening to music through monitors like those is excellent. Flaws in the production and things like that will be a lot easier to hear, but overall it'll still sound fantastic.
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**** you, i live in uruguay.
...However, it's a good idea to check your mixes out on several types of speaker just to see how it sounds. Since so many consumers listen on cheap computer speakers, I'd say it's a good idea to keep them connected.

You should be able to switch between the two either in windows control panel (for listening on media player/playing games) or the preferences of your DAW software (for when you're mixing).

btw, make sure you use stereo 1/8" cables to connect your monitors to make use of the balanced connections.
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Keep the speakers to listen to your mixes once you're done.

Also, I don't listen to music or anything with my monitors lol.
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okay so i guess ill keep them both connected, but its the setup thats confusing me.

heres the back panel of the interface


so clearly theres a spot for the two monitors (left and right). so would i connect my computer speakers to that speaker input next to that, or straight to my cpu?

Pink noise tune them. This way you will also take some of the room out of it. All monitors should be tuned IMO, as this way you know your actually getting a true response at your ears.
keep your pc speakers to compare the mastering prosess
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