So my writers block went away and this is what poped out of my insane mind, its all bases around a single progression,(0-6-5-0-6), Drop B with my trusty Boss Ds-1. Still havent figured out how to work audasticy, but I would like some crit on how this one came out, what can I improve in the guitar playing?


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This is a good start to a song. It would be better if you had some drums and bass to add another element. Also maybe turn the low end on your amp up a little. Keep at it.
the guitar playing you demonstrated is good. there werent any serious flaws with your playing, and really not many minor ones to get hung up on. from a writing standpoint, you got a heck of a lot out of the single progression you spoke of. after about a minute, and noticing it was 4 minutes long, i figured there would have to be a solo in it, but that was never satisfied. this would be fine for a full band since drums and vocals can add to it but on its own it goes on a little bit too much. with that being said you did a fairly good job of mixing up the riff with a lot of different fills. the fills were probably my favorite part of this piece
Yeah, one thing I cant do very well is write solos, I dont seem to have the knowlage to write them. I'm working on it though. I'm also not very great with computers, I still havent figured out aduasity. The things a son of a bitch to work.

I cant really turn my low end up any more without changing the tone, the bass is at 8, so its got alot going, I think the mic takes alot of the bass out.

Thanks for the crits