I usually play in Standard/Drop-D but I was to experiment with drop-C tuning since a lot of the bands I like (P.O.D., Augest Burns Red, Becoming The Archetype ect.) play in that tuning. Would These Strings be good for that tuning? also would I need to do anything else to my guitar?

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Those strings would be fine. You might need to adjust your trussrod, depending on what gauge strings you have right now.
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at lowest, 11's, but 12's will work as well.
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.012s are the best for the tuning.

Light top, heavy bottom's are the actually the best for that tuning.
You have a 25.5 scale guitar right? I have 12s but I think they are a bit floppy. I think I'll go 13s the next time. But I also play 10s in standard tuning though Btw, I would take Ernie Balls over d'Adario tbh, but that is just a personal thing
I'm using .011-.056 (or 52... don't remember) D'addario strings with a wound third (I'll never go back to unwound with this gauge). It works just fine. Any heavier and it just isn't fun to play.
Oh ywah, the guitar was set p with 10-46 strings would I have to re-set it up? because I'm pretty sure I would and in which case I'll probably just keep using 10-46 and standard/drop d tuning.

Also I used to ernie ball but they break way to easily for me.
You'd have to intonate, but it's not hard. just look up how to do it for your bridge/guitar. What kind of guitar do you have?
I've done drop C on 25.5" guitar with .9s. .10s should be fine. And you would definitely have to adjust your truss, intonation, and maybe even action.
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i have two guitars atm, one for drop B and C# tuning where i use 12-52 and my szr which is a 24.75" scale i put 10's on that and i use it for E drop D and drop C

works fine for me
i used to do 9-46 D standard, but now, I'm 10-52 E standard. 12's should work, although I would just use 10-52 or 11's or 11-54's.
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But 10-46 will work? or will they be loose?

46 is really not good for Drop C, try at least 10-50!
Those are the strings Killswitch Engage uses, I believe, so yes they would work.
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I use Dunlop Zakk Wylde 10 - 46s and have for 2 years. I swear by them. I tune anywhere from standard to Drop C and have NEVER broken a single one.


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