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mine doesnt, none of my family that i know of has never played anything.
i have lazy sods in my family.

i was the only person in mine to pick up guitar :p
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Mine has none at all, except me.
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my dad played guitar and was a big Black Sabbath fan.
You can say i carried on his legacy.
my dad plays guitar too but not as in-depth as i do. he does it mostly to jam really
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My Dad and his brother play guitar (and my Dad used to play bass aswell). Aswell as a few older relatives back in Ireland. Then there's my other uncle who is in a folk-rock band. Plays guitar and keyboards. So a little bit.
yep. My dad's been playing piano for over 40 years, and guitar for about 35. My mum's played violin and piano for about the same time, but she hasn't played the violin in ages. I think she can play recorder as well..
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parents? no. paternal grandfather was a self-taught studio guitarist in memphis in the 60s and 70s. played in bands as well up until the 80s.
nah i'm the only one in my family that i know of who plays an instrument.

we have like...2 family friends who play instruments though.
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My mom played clarinet and my dad played trumpet in school....and my brother plays bass
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I'm the only musical member in my immediate family.

My uncle in America used to play guitar though. Not sure if he still does.
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My grandpa strummed a few chords back in his day. He taught me the basics when I was just starting out. He couldn't remember much, but the fact that he had a guitar and that he could show me something meant that I could start. I might never have gotten round to playing guitar if it weren't for him.
My uncle plays guitar and bass, but I've only seen him half a dozen times in my whole life. Aside from him, I'm the closest thing my family has to a musician
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I don't know about my father's half of the family but my mother's side :O lots. My Great-Grandmother played piano, my grandma I believe was a choir singer. My mom played violin for a bit and was in choir all throughout highschool. One uncle played saxophone and the other did something musical oriented but I forgot...

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One of my uncles has been playing guitar for around 40 years and another played for a little while (not sure how long) and occasionally still does.
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Dad was gonna be a trumpet player, but became a music teacher instead. My mom did the same, but with flute. My sister played cello till grade 10. My grandmother was an organ professor.
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Other planes lie beyond the reach
Of normal sense and common roads
But they are no less real
Than what we see or touch or feel

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yes. My parents both play guitar, and my mom also plays piano and sings in a choir.
i think my dad picked up a guitar in the 60s. or 70s.. i dunno. he knew/knows piano..

my mum played the flute in school.

my Gma plays piano.

my great uncle played jazz for a living in the 1940s when he was a teen -20s.. his sister played flute for a living.

my little brother plays guitar and piano as well.

we'll be teaching our 4 year old nephew guitar soon (ive gotten him into Beach Boys, Beatles, CCR, and Bob Marely)

EDIT: i play guitar, bass(duh), banjo, mandolin, piano, trumpet, harmonica, jaw harp, navajo flute, squeeze box and didgeridoo. i also took violin lessons in 4th grade&5th grade.
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Mine doesn't. but my friend's uncle is Yanni, if anyone knows who that is.
He is a pianist right? If its the same guy that I am thinking of then thats really cool.
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Nope. No one in my family can play anything, and the all sound like some kind of dying animal when they sing (except me )
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My bro is learning keyboard, and becoming very good. My sister used to play cello (when she was very young) and then keyboard a bit later. She stopped both years back.
Besides my brother being a drummer, I don't really have a musical background.

My dad listens to a lot of music though, he listens to a ****load of stuff ranging from the 60's to even modern pop music.
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my parents don't play any instruments at all neither does *most* of my siblings, my grand parents weren't musically inclined but from what I gathered about my Nans Mother(my Great-Great-Grandmother) Was that she used to play piano and was really good at it.

My brother is a semi-way decent singer but I'm the first to pick up the guitar.
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Mine doesn't. but my friend's uncle is Yanni, if anyone knows who that is.

everyone in my family plays the piano and my sister teaches it and plays it amazingly
Bro plays guitar, mum used to play guitar, dad used to play guitar and plays piano and my grandma plays piano,
I played piano, now I play guitar and have singing lessons. My brother played clarinet, now he plays guitar. My other brother played piano and percussion, now he plays drum kit. My grandfather played acoustic guitar for 50 years.

Not really a musical background, but we're musical.
My dad plays guitar, keyboards, bass, and used to play clarinet. Was in a local Oshkosh Wisconsin band in the late 80's called "Wizard", pretty damn good, actually.

That's it.
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