I checked the searchbar, and found no dedicated Gary Numan thread, so i think we owe one to this man, who was at the front line of electronic music at the start! The man who created such hits as 'Cars' and 'Are Friends Electric?' and inspired Trent Reznor and Marylin Manson (well, when he was good...) and has in turn been influenced by these bands within his more industrial musical following in recent years!

Anyway, i start this as i saw him live just a few hours ago, and have to say, he certainly still has it for a 51 year old! Played a few old songs too as well as new stuff!

I feel the need to get some more of his music from his 30 year career as i currently have a greatest hits of Tubeway Army and Jagged, both great albums! Which albums do people suggest?
Vince - "Hey Howard I made some tapes for the journey"
Howard - "Oh, right...."
Vince - "This is the best of the 60's"

"This is the best of the 70's"
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"And this is gary numan"

OT I would also like Gary Numan suggestions
Jagged is a horrible album, aswell as Pure, and Exile. utterly the worst garbage he has put out. he went from the god of electronica to another Marilyn Manson wannabe. Which is sad, becuase this is the man that MM has been ripping off since Mechanical Animals, and all Numan wants to do is be just like him as a money grab

If you want to hear what the real Gary Numan sounds like I suggest Dance, I Assassin, telekon, Pleasure Principle, Replicas, The Fury, Berserker, and Strange Charm
I like what I've heard of Mr Numan, unique voice and great keyboard lines.

I wouldn't go as far as to call him God of Electronica though.