I haven't been able to come up with a title for this song, but it has an upbeat kinda happy feeling to it. The drums and bass were recorded using a crappy keyboard so it lacks a bit in that area. link
the intro went on a little longer than i was expecting. i anticipated the change and it kept going a few more times. it was worth the wait though because i like where you went with it at that point. good mix, its impressive that you did the backing on a keyboard ; )
Hell yes, thats some good ol rock n roll there. I love your tone, and the playing is damn good. The keyboard drums dont sound all that bad, but some symbols and hi hat stuff would make the drums more interesting. I did think the intro went too long, I was expecting the normal 4 bar intro, but it went for 12, so I would make it either 4 or 8, because thats when I was expecting the intro to end.

Good stuff man, take a look at mine, its not as complex, simple stuff. I uploaded more stuff like it today.