hey iv seen this 'fender strat vs les paul' talk on other forums. it seems that fender strat gets most votes, for its lightweight, easy to play and fast neck. many say les paul does your back in lol due to it being heavy and many say les paul neck is too thick to play on. i would of thought les paul would of had more votes as it as warmer tone yea and better sustain. what do u think?
no vs threads...



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i remember my guitar teacher once said he owned les paul and a strat and he strongly felt that prs guitars are the answer as u get best of both worlds there.
I think that this thread is stupid & pointless.

Different guitars for different sounds/personal preference = neither is better.

Also - P.R.S. for the fothermucking win!!!
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Well this is a complete preference question (that has been done over and over again here), with no correct answer. I can't choose between strats and LP's because of the pros/cons of each that you described. I like the strats lightweight-ness and it's tone. But I love LP's tone but the weight can get to me.
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