Okay, I installed Firefox today, to upgrade from IE. I logged on to UG first, then checked to see if my mp3's played well on firefox, because IE kept freezing every time I tried to play it. But he thing is, when I got to my profile, the mp3 player wasn't there! Here's a pic.

(sorry for shoddy picture quality)

Top is firefox, bottom is internet explorer.

What I need to know is how do I fix this, cause I can't listen to anyones mp3s!

Thx, pit!
FF works like a dream for me. Make sure you've got the plug-ins installed
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I'm a FF fan, but try safari.

google chrome is pretty cool too
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Have you got all the plugins installed on FF? That could be it.

No, maybe not... How do I go about installing plugins?

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I'm a FF fan, but try safari.

God forbid. I hate safari so much, but, it does work with the mp3s. It's so slow, though.
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