Are there any famous guitarists that use a picking technique where they position their hand just like they would with a pick, but don't actually use one? So they're using the edge of their thumb/index finger to strike the strings? My friend does this, and he can sweep and tremolo pick and do advanced stuff just as well as I can, but he didn't pick it up from anyone famous, he just does it because he's too cheap to buy picks, and he taps a lot so he doesn't want to have to stash them somewhere when does tapping with 6+ fingers.

To make a long post short, anyone famous pick without a pick, with their hand positioned just like they're using one?
the current guitarist for the black crowes, not rich but the other guy i dont remember his name, did this a lot when i saw them earlier this month. i dont think he used a pick the entire concert, and hes an amazing player, especially with a slide

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best technique for getting the pick out of the way for 8 finger tapping.

ive never seen anyone famous play pickless like that but i do for strumming (i cant tremelo pick like that but im sure i could sweep)
I guess famous people dont really have to worry about running out of picks lol.
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I guess famous people dont really have to worry about running out of picks lol.

True that, haha. He plays a lot of tech death stuff, and prog stuff, and I guess that one day he tried it and found out that it worked well for him. And its not like it sounds bad or anything. When he does harmonics and stuff, they sound really full, and he can "pick" pretty fast, and do gallops and triplets and stuff. Its just different.
I think Albert King played like that although it seems like he and your friend played very different styles
Eric johnson does, so does tommy emmanual and a lot of folky' players who use thumb picks.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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I do, 'cause I started on Classical... which doesn't use picks, even for strumming! So when I went to steel string I just couldn't get used to a pick. So I don't use one