has anyone ever tried the GFS pickups? I have a MIM HSS strat which I got recently, but I feel the pickups are a bit weak distorted and unevenly balanced (middle strings are louder) because of the stagger on the pickups. I need some pickups at a budget and I did get some stuff on eBay. An American standard 1989 non staggered neck pickup and a Vintage '60s (from the MIM series) 09 pickup for the middle.

I don't know if it would be better to install those or get a set off GFS because it all depends on price for me. I need something cheap and good which I heard GFS pickups are.

I emailed Jay about my situation and he told me to get the Texas Greybottoms.

Does anyone have an opinion on what I should do or have any experience with GFS pickups, both humbucker and single coil.

I play mostly blues and classic rock through a SCXD.

I've heard good things about GFS parts, including the pickups. I've been wanting to turn my SSS Strat into an HSS strat, so I'm gonna ask this here. Which pups should I get? I play metal, blues, and rock, and want a good clean single coil in the neck (middle doesn't matter to me, I don't use it).

Sorry for thread hi-jacking sort of.
GFS pickups are basically on-par with most intermediate guitar's stock pickups. Better than a start pack's guitar's pickups but if you want a real pickup upgrade you need to look at proper brands or smaller bespoke pickup makers, like Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio, Bare Knuckle, Swineshead, Juicy Pickups, etc.
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anyone that has ever actually tried or have GFS pickups want to chime in on this topic?
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anyone that has ever actually tried or have GFS pickups want to chime in on this topic?

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I think the fact they are cheap confirms that.
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I heard they were good mid ranged pickups for the price, but arent as good as some of the bigger companies. But I never got to try them, sorry.
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also i did purchase the

Fender 1989 American Standard neck pickup and Fender Classic series 60's MIM middle pickup

from reliablefender on eBay

They're just sitting there on my desk. should i buy GFS's or install those or do nothing?

i just want better tone!
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I heard they were good mid ranged pickups for the price, but arent as good as some of the bigger companies.


From what I've seen on the forums, there are some which really like them lots, but I think that they are as the price suggest. Probably decent mid-rangy pups, nothing to shout about, and can't compare to the big boys.

Its a stop-gap upgrade, and you should look at players like DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan and EMG if you really want a proper upgrade.
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They are alright. As Mr. Flibble says, they're a step up from cheap stock pickups but nowhere near the quality of Dimarzio, Bareknuckle, Lollar, etc.

That being said, they're also nowhere near the price of those companies either.
i think one of the biggest complaints about them is that they are nothing like the descriptions. a couple guys have talked about how their descriptions are bad based upon the specs they give and stuff like that. the pickups are supposed to sound ok, but its probably not going to be a huge upgrade. it may sound a bit better, but its not going to be a huge jump in tone. i considered getting pickups from them for a bit, but then evnetually decided that i would rather get something i wouldnt have to replace so got pickups from someplace else.
a company that really suprised me was lace sensors, i bought a red/gold bridge and it is amazing.
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I bought a set of alnico texas wound pickups, never got to try them out yet as I'm waiting for the body.
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I got a set of the VEH pickups, and they were definitely a huge upgrade over the stock pickups in my Gio. It was a PoS, and I just felt like giving it a slight boost. I think it was definitely worth the investment, as I only paid a total of 90 for both pickups. Received them in the mail 3 days after ordering them. The only complaint was that although they said they could be wired for coil taps, but the wiring diagram did not say how to do so.
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you can wire tap it if there are four wires coming out. two for each single coil of the humbucker

how much is the shipping?
i have the GFS crunchy rails in my Epi G400 and i love them, look great too. id say theyre great for the price, so if you're on a tight budget i would recommend them, but like others have said, if you have the cash id suggest the big names like Seymour duncan etc.
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As far as I remember, shipping was a flat $7. That included both pickups, and didn't change when I added another.

The site said that the buckers could be coil tapped, but the wiring diagram didn't explain how to do so. There were wires left over, so we knew it could be tapped, but not how to do it.
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google is your friend, use it

i have a humbucker in the bridge which is coil tapped so that the 4th position gets the quack

so if i get a different humbucker for it like an AlNiCo II from GFS maybe ill have to figure out how to do it

ive read a bunch of articles off of google explaining where the wires go