I just got my first electric, a Squier Classic Vibe and VOX VT15. (I know that I have made a lot of topics, this is the last one) I want to play metal, is a guitar with Single coil pickups with this amp good enough? Is that buzzing sound something to be worried about? (Wait for parts where im not playing in the video)

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single coils + VOX =/= br00talz.

i haven't watched the video, but the "buzzing" is prolly just 60 cycle hum from having single coils.
you're gonna need new gear or a noise gate and distortion pedal if you really wanna play metal.
Ok, then, ive made up my mind, i'm going to return it. Can you please watch the vid, the buzzing is quite annoying. What guitar with humbucker pickups and amp could I get for a similar price?
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single coils + VOX =/= br00talz.


The Vox can get pretty high gain, but isn't quite voiced for metal. Single coils have a very distinct sound and can sound pretty cool with tons of gain, but for modern metal, they don't really fair too well.

The buzz could also be the grounding in your house. If you've tried other amps in your house before and this has occurred, that's the problem, probably amplified by the 60 cycle hum.
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the buzzing is normal, you'll get that with any amp and guitar if it has single coils.
I didn't notice it at the store. When I firsy brought it home, my dad noticed it, and I said it's just because the gain is so high, so I turned it down, and it wasn't making any noise. Now it is.

Is there anyway to get rid of it if it is being amplfied by my house grounding?