I had a squier fat strat with HSS Pups but when i opened it up i found HSH routing. Common practice for squier or just a weird mix-up?

Before (sorry its blurry but you can still see its HSS)

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Some are SSS, some HSS, some HSH.

Not common practice, not a mix-up. It's just how they decided to route it. Nothing special.

And reduce the size of your damn pics. those ****ing things are huge.
Damnit Jim, you beat me again!

It's completely normal, my Squier is like that as well.

PS: Jim rulez!

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Isn't there specififc countries for each type of routing? I think somone said that on a thread here. Like Mexico is HSS, and Japan is HSH. I'm not sure.
But that's completely normal.
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No, there isn't Timbit.

Pretty sure there is.
I swear I read it somewhere. Somone Smart said it. Not sure who though.

I mean, not all of them would be HSH for Mexico, just the majority.
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Its official, someone smart said it so it must be true.

Mhm. That's right.
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My Squier Affinity has the Swimming pool routing, I believe
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My Squier Affinity has the Swimming pool routing, I believe

That sucks. But, If you were ever to mod it, you should fill it in, then do rear routing. That'd be retty sweet IMO. I was thinking of doingthat, but then realized it was way to much work, doing all the routing and everything.
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My MIM Fender is HSH routed, it usually depends on what year it was made.
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My Squier SE is HHH
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My 01 squire is HHH not swimming pool there is a little bit of wood between the neck and middle pickup.