This is something I thought up a while back. It's called the 'What Is...?' Game.

How it works: Basically the first person (me) thinks up of something, and the next person has to say what he/she thinks it is, and then posts another one. These 'things' are like aspects or something. An example would be something like 'heaviest song', or 'longest solo', or 'most emotional song', and then the poster underneath would post what they think it is, and then would post another one. Example:

Poster 1: would say something like 'Heaviest song'

Poster 2: would say what they think the heaviest song was, and then would say something else, like 'Most emotional song'

Poster 3: would say what they think is the most emotional song, and then would say something else, like 'Longest solo'

and so on. This isn't a favourites thread, so you don't say 'Best acoustic song' or something like that. It's not what you like, it's what you think is.

So, I'll start with: Best song to listen to while sleeping
E.P.M. by dragonforce. (eventhough im a fan of DF, this song is wierd).

The song with the most cachy intro?