title says it all.. are the stock Ibanez INF1 & Inf2 pickups any good for rock/metal and the odd clean tone? my friend wants to know

EDIT: What about the v8/v7 & S1?.... What aboue dimarzio activaters???

also don't ask what amp he has.. he has a roland 15 cube... yes it sucks.. he hates it.. but he doesn't care atm.. he almost has enough money for a new amp
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i really like my V7/V8s in my ibanezes. although they were kind of PAF like and sucked for drop tuning and the such. they were very Balanced pickups and sounded great across teh frequency range.

can't say anything about the INF though...
then he should be fine. also note that those pups really aren't designe for t3h br00talz. they are fairly low output, and have a nice clean and overdriven sound, but htye won't push an amp that hard.
Personally I dont like them just find them to be really dull and ordinary sounding especially in the cheaper basswood guitars. They arent bad they just arent exceptionally good either. Just my opinion though. The Dactivators on the other hand are really hot and drive amps pretty hard and IMO the cleans are even pretty good. Much better for metal than INFs.