I know the P-94 is a hotter P-90 pickup, so would it sound more like a GFS Mean 90 or a Dream 90?
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a P-94 is just a humbucker sized p-90.

is your guitar routed for humbuckers or p-90s?

edit: nvm, the mean90s are humbucker sized
Yeah, my guitar has humbuckers. I thought the P-94s were hotter than standard P-90 soapbars?
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From what I read, the Dreams are slightly hotter, but I don't think P-94s are hotter than P-90s, they're marketed as identical sounding to P-90s after all.
I'd reccomend the Means though, as they're more true to the P-90 sound.

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i cant comment on the pickups you've mentioned as i havent tried them, but i will recommend looking at tonerider rebel90's. i just put a set in my epi LP and i'm very impressed. fat, warm and loads of definition. and cheap too